Walking this time…I feel a sprint coming on…

My literary mentor encouraged me to begin this blog, to get my thoughts and ideas moving in one direction. I intend to have a book published soon. However I must say I am very impressed with my mentor, one reason is that she encouraged me to write while at the same time, not having the opinion that I can!

So I am not sure that she shares in the hopes that I have in my future literary endeavors or that she is secretly getting me to aid her in a good laugh…right now I am not sure.
But you can leave a comment and tell us both what you think.

Every so often, you may see a verse or two of poems, comment only if you love it!

Kidding, all comments are welcomed.

So far, my blogs reflect some of life’s observations.  Reflections of “I remember when”, things some of us at one time or another have experienced, growing up or in a not so distant past.

I invite you to the journey. If you see something you like or want to share, please do. There are like buttons for you on every page to show if  you liked  something you’ve read. Also there is a share button, please share anything that you like. Feel free to comment in the comment section.

I hope to hear from you soon.


5 thoughts on “Walking this time…I feel a sprint coming on…

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