Again and again…

If I were president and chairman of the world academy board for the greatest mother ever, I would nominate, Marion Cockrell.

And then by, the powers invested in me as President and Chairman, I would see who would want to keep their position on that board by making the vote open. Of course those who voted correctly would stay 🙂

This list of accomplishments that would validate this great award to an awesome mother is too long to post. However, I will share, it is a living list; that keeps growing.

I want to acknowledge my mothers most recent acts of heroic motherism. My Father made his transition this month on May 3.

My sister and I have had her love and support during this period in a way that has been truly remarkable.

With the support of my moms’ current husband, mom has been significant and instrumental in supporting her children in word, works and resources in the care of my father. Even to the point of assisting me, by designing the program for dad’s home-going service, while I was traveling to assist my sister with final arrangements. Moms contributions to supporting me and my sister in making the passing of my Father, the best experience possible has been ridiculously awesome. I do not have words to express the gratitude I have for the gift God has given me in mom.

Soooooo….Play it again sam….(yes this was on a previous post…..for momma 🙂 Happy Mother’s day Mom!!!!


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