In the Moment

Choose ye this day

Newness again

Just wanted to say see you next year, to all who I have known and have impacted my life and to those who I may have impacted.

A year in review? Don’t think I have time to list and explain how great and significant 2013 has been for me. These adjectives are not necessarily reflective of good things. However, it is reflective of Life things.

2013, you have been an awesome time in my life for many reason. For both good and trying. I choose not to callously pander a resolution for the new year. Simply because life is not definitively measured by a year on the calendar.

Though, still awesomely, I have been a witness to some wonderful unplanned special life changing events. Which prompts new change.
Ultimately, a high quality life is a an option that most of us desire to see, hence for many of us the need to change, continually.

So 2014 we will see more of the things that will force us to consider change, and to be decidedly entrenched in our beliefs and values.
Un-intended activist, both passive and active I believe will be more fitted within our cultural framework.
Let your definition be your own, and one that you are proud to give an account for.

2014, ready or not.


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