And the Winner is!!!!

The other day, my warrior princess was  competing against the best in the County. No worries though, because the best does what it needs to do, it just is… the best.

My princess had some real competition. She currently ranks in the top 10 in the County.  While my princess is getting better and stronger,  she has the heart of a competitor: stayed focused, pushed hard while keeping her eyes on the prize.

But the warrior princess came blazing across her lane like she owned the olympic sized pool (i’m glad no innocent bystanders were hurt during her event). Only when she completed her final lap, did she look back and see the total carnage that lay behind her finish. I was thinking, regarding the other parents;  feel sorry for you, almost!

The officials have to tally all the scores from all the competing counties to determine the winners. Some teams had some very strong swimmers. Some had swimmers that, with hard work and patience i’m sure will be good swimmers.

I was too proud of my warrior princess.

I asked my princess, “princess did you do your best?” Princess: “yeah, I did”. Good!

No matter the outcome, your best will only getter better.

Who is a proud dad? Yep, this guy.

Check out the victory walk of the warrior.

Yeah...all she does is win

Yeah…all she does is win


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