At this Moment

Hi Dad!

Not until this moment

The moment I heard my daughter say ” ahhh dad”

The time I saw my daughter smile back at me

The time I put a strawberry smoothie in her hand and she said ” this is good”

The time when I knew she was not happy, and I hugged her and told her it will be better next time

The times she shares her witty jokes with me(funny or not), and I laugh very gladly

Even the times when she wants to say no, when I offer her things that I want her to have(knee pads, healthier food,ect)

And the times that I root her on to do her very best in all that she does

At this time, I remember I have seen all these things before. They give me great joy, and delight me to no end, even to the point of glee

It is so very clear now, the love I feel for her

Is the love you have shared with me

Happy Fathers Day Dad!

I love that you are my dad and I love that God has given me an idea of how much you love me


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