My Brothers Keeper, should I keep him?

Hi folks, I earlier posted a post about my brother’s keeper. I actually created it specifically for my brother. He tends to be not so tech savvy. So I posted on my blog to give him a push to increase his techy abilities. The result? Oh boy…pray for my brother, he gives a good effort. He is the gentlemen near the end of this video with the glasses: click this link >  0RUQxCZ-GPM

I realized that some of you may have been interested in the topic, so I decided to write about some of the themes that I wrote to my brother.

The old adage; am I my brother keeper? Is the popular quote from one of the most famous brothers in history; Cain and Abel. The context that the bible story tells about Cain, answering with,” I don’t know,  am I my brothers Keeper?”.  Gives insight to at least two things. One that Cain seems not to know that  Abel’s condition and whereabouts where already known before Cain was asked the question. Secondly, that Cain  believed that he should not have been expected to have kept close tabs on his brother or have his brother accountable to him.

The very reply to the question seems to be almost defiant or at the very least sarcastic. It is a sad situation for the first family on earth, who is now no longer living and working in Paradise,  but now is working outside the garden for their survival.

Working  among thorns & thistles is the setting the story gives us. It’s not exactly clear the contrast between paradise and non-paradise as the story goes on, but I think we can assume that paradise is much better… and probably much safer.

Which begs the question of Cain’s conversation with God. Though no text is given for the reply to Cains question of should he be the keeper of his brother Abel,  Cains unkind deed to his brother, does set the question in significant perspective.  Should brothers  be keepers of each other in strange, hostile environments? Cain asked his infamous question from a gross standpoint of neglect, selfishness, and ultimately murder.  However, if we ask the same questions, from far better motives, the answer for ourselves would probably be much different, than it was for Cain.

In our on quest to navigate to our own Eden or at least to obtain some paradise for ourselves among hostile places in life, is it appropriate to be my brothers or sisters keeper while we work and toil for our daily survival?  Like Abel, not to do so can leave us vulnerable to forces with evil intentions.

How better would some be, and dare I say most of us if we all had well-meaning, like-minded, abled, loving brothers or sisters that provided help & accountability to our lives, especially at points when we had made decisions that was less than great. Clearly, Cain failed miserably with his brother Abel.

What if, Cain could have been accountable to Able. What legacy would we have read from the first brothers in human history?

Am I my brothers keeper? This is a question I explored to my brother. I do not know what that answer is for you and your brother or sister. If that answer is yes, this answer  has to be born out of love, exercised unconditionally.

I would pose the question this way, why shouldn’t you be your brothers or sisters keeper?


5 thoughts on “My Brothers Keeper, should I keep him?

  1. This is VERY good, Dedric. You should post more like this. Your analysis of the scripture is spot on and your application to life helps the reader to understand it for themselves. Keep it up!

  2. Interesting blog…never really gave much thought to the qestion above. I believe we are all responsible for our actions however, I also believe I am my brother’s/sister’s keeper to a certain point…whatever they do reflects on the entire family so we should take the initiative to guide them when we see them doing wrong/failing as my dad would always say to me “when one person in the family fails then we’ve all failed.”

  3. Good stuff! I believe this question is answered for me in Galatians 6:1-2 where Paul says to restore the man who is overtaken in a fault. If we are to restore someone, then that means this person was once at a place where he/she was in rightstanding with God, or in other words a brother or sister in Christ.

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