Georgia…just an old sweet song…

~ Hey folks, this is a post that didn’t make it as published…sorry.
Just thinking out loud here.

January 22, 2012, Atlanta Georgia, this morning before 6:00 am, it was 63 degrees. My hometown of Detroit was experiencing less than 10 degrees. Since I have been in Georgia, on average, its about a 15 -20 degree difference in temperature. I miss my hometown, but the winters are not something I always remember loving. I used to be a proud winter baby, not so much now.

Sometimes my daily experiences are surreal. Perhaps fewer times than not, but when they are, I have to take a moment to survey my surroundings. Something of a self-imposed; pinch me am I dreaming moment. Surrealness sometimes feel like a miss-placed dream.

This morning was a balmy, warm, coolness, all at once, did I feel on the tip of my nose. Strange for me in January. Yet I am grateful for a new beginning. Georgia, good morning.

Sing Ray...


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