On the road again…still movin

Happy New Years everybody!

I know, I know, I know. A little late with the updates. This road trip back to Michigan was one of the easiest that I have taken. Also one of the cheapest; no forced volunteer donations to the State of Ohio…for driving in a focused and determined way 🙂

The speed limit in Ohio changes twice! Starting from 55 to 65 back to 55. I figured since the State couldn’t make up its mind, I would just pick one!  Well Mr. State Trooper didn’t see it my way the first trip. I decided that I would comply this time around…for the most part. $110 to pass through the State of Ohio is one non-taxable donation I was NOT happy to give.

This trip was a milestone of sorts with the chance to re-connect with some of my family and friends. I didn’t get a chance to see everyone  I wanted, but I did see some that I had not seen in years. This trip also marked the first time I have seen my sister in over 3 years. A lot of life has passed between us since then. Marriage, military, and relocation were stories we have not adequately caught up on.

This trip also marked would could be, the last time my sister and myself would be home in Michigan together like this. Unfortunately my brother-n-law could not make this trip, so it was like old times at home for the holidays.

Before I left GA, I did get to see my Princess. This has been one the best holidays I have had in memory! Whoo hooo!!!!

I have a few pics of the Michigan trip, I hope you enjoy. 2012 a year of great opportunity! The best is yet to come!!!

– Pictures have been removed for reprocessing, the pics will return, thanks –




2 thoughts on “On the road again…still movin

  1. Tickets for speeding in Ohio…I used to live and there and quickly figured out why residents drive so slow or act like they have no place to be. Going from 75 mph on I-75 in Michigan to 55 mph shortly after crossing stateline was akin to going back to the horse and buggy days. Living in Ohio was the same way. Keep the post coming.

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