Enter at your own risk: The Cloud pt 2

There are numerous high-profile examples that are too many to named, but I will try; mike Tyson & Robin Givens, Rosanne bar & Tom Arnold, and Sampson & Delilah and so on. We have all seen them too often. When these relationships began on the basic “let’s do this”, without much other than the here and now, what comes next is what I call the cloud effect or what we often refer to as being on “cloud 9”.

Being in the cloud feels good! We all have been there a time or two in our lives. Everyday is a good day, no wrong doing can be done…by anybody, and the world is a pretty cool place to be in.  Even the sky is blue-er and the birds sing sweeter. Often, these feelings of Euphoria hang around for some time. Depending on the person or persons, anywhere from a few months to more than a year. How is that for a love-jones induced high? The problem here is not the feel good, drug-like intoxication of being in Love, but the loss of most of the important senses that comes with being emotionally inebriated. Too often these symptoms includes being deaf, blind and dumb!  But…in love…ahhhhh.

Some of your more crass friends may say something like ooooh booo, they got you bad…call me when its over(you actually want to keep these friends, cause they are more likely to tell you the true whether you like it or not).

During this time, most red flags look green. And the voice of reason who is working hard to reason with us…sounds strikingly similar to that teacher who taught Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang in school…wha wha, wha wha wha.

So we float. From cloud to cloud. Missing those all important cues and clues. Why is there never enough money for them to pay their bills, why is something always wrong with their car, what i’m hearing does not sound like the truth…often, we go out all the time…never. The times we do what I want to do happens…not often. They finishes my sentences and talk when I want to say something is cute…not really. Etc, etc, etc…cues and clues that are lost in the cloud with our common sense. The sense of, had it been anyone else but you, would have said;  so and so must be out of their blessed assured mind if they gone let harpo/ms. sophia treat them that way!

Like a drug, this intoxication usually has to run its course before the victim becomes sober again. Then what? You wait.

To the benevolent friends, who patiently awaits for your return to reality, it is a painfully slow awaiting, for YOUR re-awakening.

So, what can or should one do to avoid the cloud? Do you really want to hear this?

– Part three coming up


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