Enter at your own risk: The Cloud pt 1

You in a relationship? Any Regrets? Do you question if you could have made a better choice? After seeing different articles related to  the final product of failed relationships, be it business,  Hollywood (one ward: kardashian),political, or in the case of much recent publicized  relationships of the United States  with  other nations with questionable motives, why go there in the first place?

I imagine afterward, when these relationships fail,  or is significantly troubled, the question has to be asked at some point, could I have avoided this or should I have seen this coming, or some variant  of the two.

Most relationships begin on a selfish and superficial level. Beginning with, what can  I get from this or what is in it for me, how are my interests served or in the case of most personal relationships, how could/does this person make me feel. It is from this point,  that  a determined, un-selfish diligence must be exercised to protect ourselves from all kinds of clear and present dangers. If proceeding into any relationship is decided, based solely or mostly on the belief  and view-point of, I can get my immediate fix for now and whatever happens, happens. This mistake is usually met with harsh consequences.

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One thought on “Enter at your own risk: The Cloud pt 1

  1. I have been in relationships like that where I found out he wanted something out of it and it wasn’t me. I was glad the truth came out. I personally don’t believe in false relationships because there truly is no gain out of it in the end.

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