A Dream within a Dream?

What happened here!?

Downtown Home

Did you see the movie Inception? I am usually somewhat of a hard movie critic. For me, a movie has to have a few basic things to get a decent pass.  A decent plot, decent writing, decent acting, and simply has to make sense in the telling of the story.

Inception had all of that, but this dream within a dream continual loop thing….I.E., a dream within a dream, to the 4 power was a bit too much for me. Trying to follow the different story lines within each dream… with the same people, doing different stuff, I felt I needed to take notes for the quiz at the end of the movie.

None the less, I recently experienced an exception, on last week. Or at least a dream within a dream. In October I will have lived in my current residence for 1 year.  One evening I was up late writing, and began to nod off. Well on this particular nod, I woke up in my previous residence of downtown Detroit(dreaming of course).

Really? Strange thing was that,  that place being a very familiar experience, I awoke within that dream with no feelings of alarm. Possibly thinking that my current realities was “the” dream within a dream.

Confusing? Well, If they have a second installment of Inception I will NOT be going. Too much work to figure out stuff.

Fortunately, this dream was very brief. Not sure how I would have felt, if I realized that the past year of my life was a dream. I know some parts of it I would definitively would not want to change.

That is all.


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