It has come to me…I am

A really good cook! I am considering crossing over to a meatless diet. So I have been eating more veggies. This new way of eating has been having some effects!!! But I may talk about that later.

I have also committed to loosing weight and getting in better shape.

Today I decided to prepare one of my favorite dishes, a cheese omelet. Usually this is made with some turkey meat, sometimes sausage, sometimes deli. Sometimes both.This usually morphs into one of my kingly omelet sandwiches. I really am a sandwich guy.

This time, I decided on no meat. Flat whole wheat bread split in half, about 1/3 the size of a bagel. I chopped up carrots, added them to black bean, sweet corn, and diced tomatoes. I sau’ted the veggies on a griller, then I sent the egg to rain in the mist of the veggies(Yolk in tack). George foreman did the honors of grilling slices of apple. Now of course the flat bread must be toasted. Ha!

Cheddar is alway better.

LET ME TELL YOU!!!! and if you had some, YOU WOULD TELL ME!!!!

Ooooohhhhh Weeeeeee!!!!!


Please give.

Help end world conflict.

If one world leader a day would eat and share  with their enemies, we could see world peace

Won’t you give?


4 thoughts on “It has come to me…I am

  1. I’m glad you bought a ticket on the healty train…so glad you could join us. 🙂 A great toping for plain omelette is salsa. Meijer makes a great corn and black bean one. Or you could do wraps with a whole grain tortilla, eggs, a little cheese and salsa. Yum O! Way to go!!!!!

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