Other arms, they reach out to me…pt 2

Day three?!?

All ready?!?! You have got to be kidding! Well, let me catch up on day one!!!!!


Well, I self-checked online at home, so I only had to check my luggauge…$15 for your first bag with airtrain, whom I was flying with today. I have my frequent flyer miles with a another airline…SHHHHHHHHH!

The day of booking, airtran had the best rates. Thank you airtane!

I’m in a very long  line to prove my non-violent intentions for this trip. The government’s’ finest TSA’s, appears to be over-all  alert. Some have a very FBI, CIA; you can mess up if you want to, look about them. Then you have some, looking like they are making the best out of a miserable day of work. 

Some seemingly enjoy watching some of the passengers come through the open voyeur room (one, I suspect for the wrong reasons). This day was a hot one… about 90 degrees.

 Of course you will have people who dress like it…or not dress, like they should.

One person comes to mind, a fair-skinned, fairly attractive lady, with long blond braids. The lady appears to be a slender 6 feet. Her dress, maybe two, or less. Even though, she was slender, it was clear that the gravitational pull of the earth was still effecting how she was maintain her balance as she  walked down the secured cat walk. 

Yep, she looked free as bird.

Well, that’s how she was walking. One of the TSA agents, who appeared to be thoroughly enjoying securing the front lines of Americas’ friendly skies, began to happily chat with Ms. Stron’ge Sa’shay, and some how she dropped something.

 I said this little prayer, dear Jesus…please don’t let this woman taint my  two hour flight to see my baby!

Just as the bending moment began, I acted like the passenger behind me was saying something interesting. I turned and said to her, “really?” She looked at me with bewilderment and said excuse me? I said “yes, really”. She said” oh”. I said ok.

LOL, oh  He answers prayer!!!!!!!!

I pass  the,” bin laden, you not gone get us again”  security test!

Georgia, here I come!!!!!!


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