Moms, tomorrow will be a day entirely dedicated to the celebration of you!

The creation of mom is like no other

From birth until the last breath that is breathed, you are always caring working, waiting,

and providing all that you know to do

Without reservation, without thought and without judgment

Mom you are there

Providing an everlasting endearing love

Through hurt, disappointments, and pain

Mom your love has never changed

You celebrate our successes and cheer in our victories

You never have seen us fail nor seen us let you down

(Baby that’s alright, you can do it, you just get up and try it again)

Is what you would say  time and time again

You give healing to our hurts and calm to our fears

Who is like our Mother?

There is none

Thank you Mom for who you are and all that you do

May this be one of your happiest days, one especially designed in honor of you

Tell your mom that you love her and say these things of your love and adoration, more than one day a year

Good night


11 thoughts on “Moms, tomorrow will be a day entirely dedicated to the celebration of you!

  1. I’m really enjoying the pics along with the poetry. Absolutely beautiful! I truly loved the picture for the Mother’s Day poem. Keep up the good work.

    Above I posted the link for my newest blog. I finally finished the first entry. Let me know your thoughts.

  2. As usual, Dedric I am so proud of you! Thanks for the beautiful words and I know they are coming from your heart! I love you and always will. Momma

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