Live your best life now 2

Hey folks!

Long time no see! Literally! I will take responsiblity for that, of course. I ran across a post that I thought was great for some mental arrested development.

It was just a simple question; Are you living your life or are you simply existing.

Of course that is an open ended question that means whatever it means to the reader, with the emphasis on the readers defined definition of life and what it means to them to live it(hopefully meaningfully).

Then I recalled…I indirectly asked the same question. Hmmmmm.

I asked the question of myself and I would have to say with a resounding yes, I am living a quality, meaningful, purpose driven life.

Far from perfect from any stretch of the imagination of anyone. But, life is being lived by me!

I have a better appreciation in the wisdom of the famous Trekkie phrase “live long and prosper”.

Readers, you say what?

– part 1


an endless set of opportunities and possibilities, ranging from very good to the very bad. Seized upon by some  and  run a miss by others. All during the same time we interact with one another as we pass through life.

Mostly, we see the quantity and the quality of said life by the choices we make.

What opportunity do we choose to yield what possibility? The road to the expected end, if we arrive to what was expected, does that mean we had planned for it? Not necessarily.

That only means our choices and behavior has not changed, and with  little creativity or not, we can or should see the end by what we have consistently been doing. A destination will happen whether we plan for one or not. The quality of that destination is what is determined by us.

We live in very awesome times today.

What is life?

What should it be if we live out the projected 78.3 years of American life expectancy.

As far as much as it depends on you for yours and myself for mines,  it could be or should be marvelous.

I believe if we think and develop our best thoughts, work towards our best dreams, choose from our best  choices and work hard the best way that we can, we ultimately can Live our best life.

Today we are a sum total of the circumstance which we have come into this world and the benefactor of the choices we have made. The latter being the most important indicator of who and where we are today.

The world has become a faster, smaller and more complicated place to live. Seeing that we cannot choose to leave this word alive, it is imperative that we work  hard to create and develop the best life we can for our families and for ourselves. In this life we get to choose to live, learn, and be happy…or we choose not to.

Life is full of choices, we can choose the best  for us. Yes hard work is included in this deal, but anything worth having requires great effort.

Commit and do the best that is possible for you. Committing to a “best practice” life style can only mean the best is always yet to come.

I’m doing good

Hey Family, friends and folks I’ve had the pleasure to Facebook. Last month was the 1 year anniversary of Dad’s transition. It does not seem like a year has gone by, so fresh still is the memory of the moment of his departure. Yes it was tough, really tough.


Minnie Me!

Two am Sunday morning on May 3rd 2015 I received word from the emergency room that my dad was coding.

Soon after conferring with my sister we both said our “see you laters and I love yous”. Right after we were told he was gone, I comforted my sister as best as I could. We are, our dad’s only’s,  his baby girl and his baby boy.
I did not realize how tough it could hit  until about 11:10am, 9 hours later that morning. I guess I had about 4 hours of sleep on this day.
Sunday morning I found myself where I normally do, which was in a church service.
As is routine, I entered in what usually turns into a great time.
I intended for it to be no different today.
But it was different, way different; more so than I could imagine.
Heaviness and helplessness, gradually and quickly seized my mind. Even physically, I felt as though I was engulfed in a heavily weighted straight jacket.
Yep, straight jacket…that was really heavy.
I pressed myself to do at that moment what I knew  I was supposed to do.
However this Sunday morning had quickly seemed to become the struggle of my life.
Numbing pain now seemed to tug and tear at me from no where and from everywhere, all at the same time.
I could not do it. I could not revert myself back to where I found a peaceful sobriety of ” Its over now and its OK “, of 9 hours before. I had resolved myself then to  a somber; ” dad has fought a good fight, he has finished his course. Dad you can stop hurting now, I will be so happy to see you later. Love you”.
I began to physically hurt. My chest, my face, my back. My legs, I could not feel.
I continued to press.
Through this, what had begin as a small private internal  conflict, suddenly swelled into an overwhelming public, no longer private,  uncontrollable staggered painful waling .
Pure unbridled emotion flooded out of me, nothing have I ever experienced in my adult life.
I  was lost inside myself.
Dad had fought and won several battles over the past 10 years.
So far removed from my thoughts that my father could actually die.
I knew on the inside; “dad  will pull through this one too! Like he always does”!
So my expectation was not realized as hoped, life happens…as do death.  Thanks for all your concerns and well wishes. Sis and I are adjusting without  father; as dad and friend. But overall…she is doing good and I’m doing good.

Again and again…

If I were president and chairman of the world academy board for the greatest mother ever, I would nominate, Marion Cockrell.

And then by, the powers invested in me as President and Chairman, I would see who would want to keep their position on that board by making the vote open. Of course those who voted correctly would stay 🙂

This list of accomplishments that would validate this great award to an awesome mother is too long to post. However, I will share, it is a living list; that keeps growing.

I want to acknowledge my mothers most recent acts of heroic motherism. My Father made his transition this month on May 3.

My sister and I have had her love and support during this period in a way that has been truly remarkable.

With the support of my moms’ current husband, mom has been significant and instrumental in supporting her children in word, works and resources in the care of my father. Even to the point of assisting me, by designing the program for dad’s home-going service, while I was traveling to assist my sister with final arrangements. Moms contributions to supporting me and my sister in making the passing of my Father, the best experience possible has been ridiculously awesome. I do not have words to express the gratitude I have for the gift God has given me in mom.

Soooooo….Play it again sam….(yes this was on a previous post…..for momma 🙂 Happy Mother’s day Mom!!!!


In the Moment

Choose ye this day

Newness again

Just wanted to say see you next year, to all who I have known and have impacted my life and to those who I may have impacted.

A year in review? Don’t think I have time to list and explain how great and significant 2013 has been for me. These adjectives are not necessarily reflective of good things. However, it is reflective of Life things.

2013, you have been an awesome time in my life for many reason. For both good and trying. I choose not to callously pander a resolution for the new year. Simply because life is not definitively measured by a year on the calendar.

Though, still awesomely, I have been a witness to some wonderful unplanned special life changing events. Which prompts new change.
Ultimately, a high quality life is a an option that most of us desire to see, hence for many of us the need to change, continually.

So 2014 we will see more of the things that will force us to consider change, and to be decidedly entrenched in our beliefs and values.
Un-intended activist, both passive and active I believe will be more fitted within our cultural framework.
Let your definition be your own, and one that you are proud to give an account for.

2014, ready or not.

Father may I

Father may I be the one that  assures you that you are the best father that you could be

Father may I be the one that has confirm that you always  give the best love that you can give

Father may I be the one that has witnessed you  the strongest, that could ever be

Father may I be the one who can say that your wisdom has been a plenty towards many things done right for me

I appreciate and love you very much, dad may I say,

Remembering and honoring you always

Happy Fathers Day!

And the Winner is!!!!

The other day, my warrior princess was  competing against the best in the County. No worries though, because the best does what it needs to do, it just is… the best.

My princess had some real competition. She currently ranks in the top 10 in the County.  While my princess is getting better and stronger,  she has the heart of a competitor: stayed focused, pushed hard while keeping her eyes on the prize.

But the warrior princess came blazing across her lane like she owned the olympic sized pool (i’m glad no innocent bystanders were hurt during her event). Only when she completed her final lap, did she look back and see the total carnage that lay behind her finish. I was thinking, regarding the other parents;  feel sorry for you, almost!

The officials have to tally all the scores from all the competing counties to determine the winners. Some teams had some very strong swimmers. Some had swimmers that, with hard work and patience i’m sure will be good swimmers.

I was too proud of my warrior princess.

I asked my princess, “princess did you do your best?” Princess: “yeah, I did”. Good!

No matter the outcome, your best will only getter better.

Who is a proud dad? Yep, this guy.

Check out the victory walk of the warrior.

Yeah...all she does is win

Yeah…all she does is win



Hey folks, It has been a very long time coming. My schedule, is even busier than before. But I wanted to take the time out to remember, honor and share with you one of the greatest gifts that I have received. I am most certainly not the primary recipient and beneficiary, but I certainly am blessed because it.

To the Cockrell’s, with 30 years of marital fortitude you have been a blessing to me and to so many others .

In a day where in the first time in U.S. history, married couples are the minority versus un-married couples, your union serves to me

and many others as an inspiration of true love and commitment

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

I love both of you!

May the rest of your days be the best of your days

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